Produced by Madison Milano

Designed by Stephanie Diegel

Designed by Steph Diegel

Food Insecurity is defined by the USDA as “limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods, or limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways.” What this really means is not knowing where your next meal is coming from, or how you will pay for it.

Hunger and food insecurity are two different but related issues. Food insecurity is measured on the household-level and considers the economic and social conditions of restricted access to food.  Hunger is more commonly measured on a individualized physiological scale, potentially making hunger a result of food insecurity. Food insecurity is not limited to specific ages, races, or communities; it can affect anyone.


Steveanna Wynn, Executive Director of the SHARE Food Program, explains how 1 in 4 Americans (particularly Philadelphians) are food insecure. Produced by Lauren Hight.